Now any answer to this question without scientific proof is of course subjective and should be taken with cartloads of salt but with that said it’s still an entertaining question worth a speculative answer.

The most common form of outer space alien is the Grey, however pop’ culture usually doesn’t depict them listening to music. There are classical music pieces based around the planets such asĀ Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” which has motivated a genre of music known as “space music” that sounds like the kind of trippy classical music hippies might listen to if they could. This, however, is still music made by humans and aliens might not like it.

There’s a small chance that aliens already have picked up our radio signals from the early 20th century and are listening to Elvis as we speak. This is a real possibility, but that doesn’t mean aliens would even be able to recognize that noise as music. For all we know alien music isn’t even made up of noise. Perhaps it’s made up of temperature, vibration or other senses. We might not recognize alien music if we heard it. But if aliens are the supposed Greys and we play along with the theory that they’re just humans another step down the evolutionary cycle then we must suppose they have ears and a knowledge/history of their older selves who used to listen to music. In this case, it’s most likely that their music is just an evolved form of our present music, but it still might include factors from the other senses like enhanced vibrations and certain tones we’re unable to hear with our less-evolved ears.

If I were to make a guess and assume that aliens have music made up of noise, then I’d expect it would still revolve around a rhythm of some sort and although it might not sound pleasant to us we’d still be able to recognize it as music. In the movie Children of Men, based in the near future, there is a scene where people are listening to strange science-fiction music unlike anything we enjoy, and this might be close to what Greys listen to in my opinion.

Well, that was some cool exploration into opinion and possibility. What do you think alien music sounds like? Check out my homepage for more cool posts.