This year is only half way through, but already it’s been if not more miserable than 2020 than just as bad for many people. To lighten the mood for as many people as I can I wanted to write a post about 10 things about 2021 I’m grateful for. Some of these things are personal and biased but it might allow others to see a different perspective. This past year has been rough for me to but here is my list of things I’m glad to see.

10 Things in 2021 I’m Grateful For

  1. The rise in indie artists getting more exposure thanks to apps like Instagram and Spotify.
  2. The decentralization of finance thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.
  3. New and exciting developments in space exploration.
  4. The return of realism in movies and TV shows compared to the Marvel craze of pervious years.
  5. A rising voice against racism in the world.
  6. The call for freedom of speech in universities after nearly a decade of radical left extremism.
  7. More world power in the Eastern part of the world.
  8. Crack downs on animal abuse.
  9. The Mandalorian 🙂
  10. A new appreciation for peace in society.

Thanks for reading my list. What are your favorite things about 2021? Surely, you must be grateful about something new this year…