If you’ve been meaning to make the habit of waking up earlier, one thing that can help is waking up to classical music. Why? Classical music reminds us of the beauty of life, which in turn reminds us of our goals and our purpose on earth. When you wake up to classical music, it feels like a monk in a medieval monastery waking for midnight prayer. All is serene and pleasant as you sit up and think of how blessed you are to have this day at your disposal.

There are multiple ways you can set your alarm clock to classical music. My method is using a clock radio set to a classical station. But I’m sure you can find an app for your phone to do the same. I think it would be best if the classical song you heard was different every morning, because after a while of hearing the same song every morning the magic of it can be lost. I love the radio station I use because they never play the same song, and they don’t play famous classical music I’ve already heard a hundred times. They play rare, new and less popular classical music which registers as divine when heard for the first time in waking moments of ecstasy.

Don’t get me wrong, though. When I wake up at 5 AM after only sleeping for 5 hours, I am very, very tired, but the classical music helps me push past the pain as I re-realize my potential and how much I can conquer in a day if I get out of bed now.

Try this in your home, and your life will be blessed with new motivation and power. Enjoy!

Come back soon!