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Piracy, amusement tax, artists' rights, singer's equity, strict implementation of Executive Order No. 225 (mandating the broadcast of at least four Filipino music per hour in radio stations), and collection of artists' royalties are some of the issues that affect the performing artists in the Philippines. Added to all these, the performing arts industry has been bogged down by a new tax regime; a contracting economic environment; increasing cost of production; and the urgent need to defend the rights of its members.

The Performers Rights' Society of the Philippines (PRSP) and Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM), have been together in promoting one of the country's greatest resources - THE FILIPINO PERFORMING ARTISTS. The partnership seeks to professionalize the entertainment industry through enactment of measures to safeguard the rights of the artists. It is our firm belief that in the end, to defend the rights of the artists is to protect the patrimony of the nation.

PRSP and Artists' Rights
In 1996, OPM spearheaded the move to pursue the protection of copyrights and neighboring rights in the Philippine Music and the Performing Arts sectors by forming an Alliance to collectively promote the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. The formation of an Alliance has given birth to a collecting society: the Performing Rights Society of the Philippines, Inc. (PRSP).

PRSP acts as the collecting society of performers, such as actors, singers, musicians, dancers and other persons who act, sing, play in, interpret or otherwise perform literally and artistic work. It seeks to protect their common interests and welfare, promote cooperation and collective action in the pursuit of their similar goals and objectives. PRSP guarantees them their benefits, including the collection, distribution and application of royalties on heir behalf.

The following guilds and organizations compose the PRSP network:

  • Asosasyon ng Musikong Pilipino (organization of Filipino musicians)
  • KATHA (organization of Filipino composers)
  • PHILSTAGE (alliance of professional performing arts companies)
  • KAPPT (organization of film and television actors)
  • PARI (the umbrella organization for the recording industry)

In defense of artists' rights
Artists' Rights are based on five (5) major concerns of OPM's advocacy efforts over the years:

  1. Singer's Equity;
  2. Amusement Tax;
  3. strict adherence to executive Order No. 255 ;
  4. protection and promotion of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); and
  5. the combined industry effort to fight piracy.

The defense of artists' rights is a focus that is urgent and vital in the evolving environment of promotion and advocacy of Filipino artists. It is in this front that both OPM and PRSP seeks to harness National Government and International funding and institutional support; assistance from bilateral and multilateral donor agencies; the philanthropy of the corporate community in strengthening its organization, the Alliance and forming links with similar intellectual property organizations abroad.