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Artist Registry

The ONLINE REGISTRY OF FILIPINO MUSICAL ARTISTS is a rich collection of information that lists all Filipino musical artists (composers, lyricists, arrangers, singers and musicians) and their published OPM songs. The ORFMA is a joint project of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) and the NCCA meant to serve as an information resource for students, teachers, researchers, commercial end-users, cultural institutions, and enthusiasts of Philippine music.

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I’m only an artist. I’m here only to please my audience.”

We often hear these words from singers, actors, dancers, writers, directors, composers and other non-performing artists. True to our calling, we are here to create works that give meanings, insights, relevance, and colors to an otherwise dull daily existence of our audiences. Many of us want to change society through our works while few others are content with providing momentary relief from life’s hardship.

Whatever our goals are as artists, the fact remains that other people profit from our works even if we do not want them to. When our works are disseminated to a bigger market, they become commodities for entrepreneurs to profit on.

We have heard sad stories of how artists fell victims to other people’s unscrupulous practices, artists who trustingly signed contracts with provisions that virtually waived their rights in favor of other people. A National Artist with thousands of popular musical compositions died a pauper because he waived his rights to many of his very popular works that continue to be exploited by others. A singer’s work was used for almost a decade by a high-rating television series without due compensation. Writers’ works continue to be used by many textbook publishers with neither permission nor royalty compensation. No one seems to care.

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In 1996, OPM spearheaded the move to pursue the protection of copyrights and neighboring rights in the Philippine Music and the Performing Arts sectors by forming an Alliance to collectively promote the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. The formation of an Alliance has given birth to a collecting society: the Performing Rights Society of the Philippines, Inc. (PRSP).

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