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Rosalina Abejo

Rosalina Abejo was a fine composer of orchestral works, operettas, masses, and hymns. She was also a conductor. She finished her associate in music at St. Scholastica’s College major in piano and attended her Masters in Music Composition at Philippine Women’s University in 1957. She studied music abroad earning degrees from Labunski School of Composition in Ohio, the Eastern School of Music in Rochester, and Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Some of her greatest works were "Aeolian Piano Concerto" in 1949, the cantata "The Conversion of King Humabon" in 1967,the oratorio "Pagtubos" (Redemption) in 1969 and many others including chamber music pieces. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION · Republic Cultural Heritage Award, 1967 · Mother Battig Centennial Recognition, 1970 · Tandang Sora Award, 1975
1. Academic Festival Quartet
2. Aeolian Concerto
3. Aeolian Fantasie for two pianos
4. Allegro Scherzando for two pianos
5. Beatriz Symphony
6. Bukidnon Caprice
7. Bukidnon Caprice
8. Bukidnon Tone Poem
9. Concert Waltzes on Folk Tunes
10. Dalawang Pusong Dakila
11. Fantasia fro two Pianos
12. Guerilla Symphony
13. Imelda
14. Imelda for three pianos
15. In Memoriam
16. Jubilee
17. Kaleidoscope
18. Larawan ng Isang Babae
19. Liturgical Serenade
20. Mindanao Festival for two pianos
21. Muslim Wedding
22. Octet for Instruments
23. Octet for Winds and Brasses
24. Ode to a Statesman
25. Overture 1081
26. Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Bayan
27. Pagtutubos
28. Pamuhat-buhat
29. Panahon
30. Piano Quintet
31. Pioneer Symphony
32. Recuerdos de Manila
33. String Quartet no. 1
34. String Quartet no. 2
35. String Quartet no. 3
36. String Quartet no. 4
37. Thanatopsis Symphony
38. The Blood Compact of 1565
39. Thirteen Variations for two pianos
40. Three Projections
41. Valle de los Caidos
42. Vespers in a Covenant Garden
43. Why Should We Weep

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