What is Phil’s dream?

Hello, it’s Phil again. Thanks for being here. I want to talk about my dream today. As one who used to work in a radio station in India keeping registered music in a database, I’ve had to organize thousands and thousands of songs from all over the world. All together I have probably listened to way more music than the average ten people combined! This has given me a great insight into how music is registered in our hearts and souls. But how does this affect my dream?

My dream is to live in a world where music is playing everywhere! No matter where you go, in my dream, there will be a song playing. At the bus stops, there will be calming flute music. At the library, classical music will be playing. When you leave your house and walk to your car, you will here the music of a harp being strung.

How can this dream possibly come true? It’s quite simple on how, but it’s rather hard on the practical level. The “how” is easy, but getting others to agree is difficult because there are a lot of scrooges who hate music. These people believe it is a crime to force someone to listen to music when they don’t want to, and this is understandable. However, I still dream on. And already I have made this dream come true in my own life.

Already in my life music plays everywhere I go.  My alarm clock is classical music. And when I shower I play house music. In fact there is a boombox in my bathroom playing house music all day even when I’m not home. I also have boomboxes like this in may hallways so that when I’m egressing room to room I hear different songs. And as you might expect I never leave my house without my headphones. There isn’t a single minute in my day where music isn’t playing. And part of my dream is helping others to realize they can do this for their own lives, too.