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Appliance Repair Book Progress

I announced that my book would be done by 2020 sometime ago, but life gets in the way. Or shall I say a pandemic gets in the way? Either way, it won’t be done as soon as I though but here’s still an update for you guys who may be wondering why I’m behind in my writing.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out this post where I explain my new book concept. For a brief overview though I’ll say it’s a romance book between an appliance repair tech and a tow truck driver. I’ve since made some adjustments to the main storyline, and a lot of my changes have to do with my mood over the pandemic.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists on Spotify and this has also affected my writing. I’m on the 3rd draft now and by far I think the greatest change is reversing some roles. I really wish you could read my first two drafts to see how different this version is. Maybe I’ll explain the changes in the author’s end notes.

My favorite change though is the new setting. The book will now be set in the wonderful city of Victoria, BC, Canada. Why did I make this change? Because I was inspired by someone I was talking to from an appliance repair Victoria BC company called The Appliance Repair Pro at (778) 401-5881. They’re a huge fan of my music blog and I’m a huge fan of the services they provide on Vancouver Island, so naturally we chatted for quite a while. When I heard she was actually married to a two truck driver I lost my mind!

Does this mean my book is more realistic than I thought it would be? I guess so. I assure you though my story is not based off their story and is a whole other story to itself. I’m also excited to announce that it might be self published on Amazon at some point in 2022.

Wish me luck in my writing!

romance between tow truck driver and appliance repair mechanic

Phil’s Upcoming Book About Romance ‘Twixt a Tow Truck Driver and an Appliance Repair Mechanic: coming 2020

I’ve worked many jobs in my life, and the best of them has been in a radio station being responsible for what song was going to play next. But I also write fiction novels and I’m working on a story about how music brought love and romance between a female tow truck driver and a male appliance repair mechanic. For me it’s a touching story and all my life’s work has gone into it’s making. I’m hoping to get it published sometime next year and this blog will hopefully give me some support in the marketing.

The premise of my story: Repairing a Towed Heart

The female character, Ashley, drives her tow truck in inner British Columbia 7 days a week, trying to lift her start-up business of its heels. She works like a sumpter, dragging her weather-worn tail across the brambles of life. She has no desire but succeeding in her dream, but at the end of the day she slaps herself in the mirror because secretly–lying to herself quotidian–she hates her job. She prays something greater will enter her life to make it all worthwhile.

The male character, Charles, lives on the less burnt side of the fire log, so to speak. He loves his job, but only works part time because he’s lazy. In fact, the only thing that gets him down is that he’s too lazy to work the amount of work he desires to. He repairs appliances for an old company in Kelowna BC and loves working with his hands. One day, while driving through British Columbia, he sees Ashley depressed at the wheel, helping some sot get his caravan out of a ditch, and he decides to curb his van to lend a hand.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story because the next scene doesn’t go like you might expect it to. I’m excited. Stay tuned if you’re at all interested, because this book will be huge for the romance community; I know it!

appliance repair kelowna bc music

Music for Appliance Repair Kelowna BC

When doing appliance repair services in Kelowna BC, you want the right music playlist. This post is for a friend of mine who was asking me for a new playlist and he does fridge repair and oven repair full time so I thought he deserved some assistance.

When doing something like freezer repair services, especially in the Kelowna BC winter, I’d recommend something like a mountain folk song that brings to mind stormy breezes in the peaks of snowy hills. Then again, an appliance mechanic might want to be reminded of the summer warmth and tropical sunsets when working in commercial freezers and refrigeration services, so maybe a band like Sublime would do, too.

For Kelowna appliance repair around ovens, stoves and dryers, or in other words machines that get really hot, I’d recommend some rock music to get the soul and heart pumping. And an appliance expert knows best how to fix a stove, but when it comes to the elements we all need a bit of rock and roll now and then. Something like Judas Priest or Metallica while repairing gas ranges and domestic dish washing machines would be prime, in my opinion–a great experience.

What genre of music would you recommend for an appliance technicians? We all need advice sometimes, and you’d be surprised how good your advice might be. When it comes to music, mine is respected more than it should be sometimes, but not in this case. I believe, like in any profession, the best music is the music that the person themselves enjoys the most. No matter if you’re an appliance repair Kelowna BC professional business with skilled team members or a solo, hardworking refrigeration technician working in commercial applications, listen to your heart.

Here’s a list of five music genres to go with repairing five different appliances:

  1. Classical music for wine cooler repair services
  2. Rock and roll for a oven repair services
  3. Rap music for vending machine repair services
  4. Funk music for washing machine repair services
  5. Folk music for vacuum repair services

This has been my insight, but it has yet to see real use in the real world. I hope this inspired my good chum Larry to try something new, and also all of you lovely readers to see something different and unique. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is a wonderful place and the appliance repair companies there deserve credit for their work and deserve a good music playlist, too.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more!