I announced that my book would be done by 2020 sometime ago, but life gets in the way. Or shall I say a pandemic gets in the way? Either way, it won’t be done as soon as I though but here’s still an update for you guys who may be wondering why I’m behind in my writing.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out this post where I explain my new book concept. For a brief overview though I’ll say it’s a romance book between an appliance repair tech and a tow truck driver. I’ve since made some adjustments to the main storyline, and a lot of my changes have to do with my mood over the pandemic.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists on Spotify and this has also affected my writing. I’m on the 3rd draft now and by far I think the greatest change is reversing some roles. I really wish you could read my first two drafts to see how different this version is. Maybe I’ll explain the changes in the author’s end notes.

My favorite change though is the new setting. The book will now be set in the wonderful city of Victoria, BC, Canada. Why did I make this change? Because I was inspired by someone I was talking to from an appliance repair Victoria BC company called The Appliance Repair Pro at (778) 401-5881. They’re a huge fan of my music blog and I’m a huge fan of the services they provide on Vancouver Island, so naturally we chatted for quite a while. When I heard she was actually married to a two truck driver I lost my mind!

Does this mean my book is more realistic than I thought it would be? I guess so. I assure you though my story is not based off their story and is a whole other story to itself. I’m also excited to announce that it might be self published on Amazon at some point in 2022.

Wish me luck in my writing!