What is “philmusicregistry.net” about?

Hello my name is Phil. Here on my blog I love to talk about how music registers in the heart and soul. I used to work for a radio station keeping registers of all our backlogged music in a database. Over the years I’ve learned not only how to register music but how music registers us!

You can expect posts talking about this. Designed for use academically, this blog will be a source for students of music to gain new insights into the power of music as a whole. How does music register for you? When perusing through this site you may want to ask yourself questions like this. How has music registered for our ancient ancestors?

What we’re about and what we dream of doing are two different topics. Now that you know we’re all about exploring how music registers, you may want to explore how this impacts my dream! You can read about this on My Dream page.

But I want to leave you with a list of what we’re about to sum things up for you.

  1. How music registers in the heart and soul.
  2. How the experience of registering music in a database has given me insight into how music registers us.
  3. Exploring the ways in which music impacts our feeling and expressions.
  4. Looking back at the historical roots of music to shape our identities.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned to this blog for exciting material about the love of music!