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the power of music

Using Music to Energize the Mind and Work Harder

Sometime soon I want to do a post about how to get music unstuck from your head. I was playing this song in my head over and over again just a minute ago when I decided to write this post about how to use music for energy. Earlier in January I wrote about how to use music to calm people down from stressful situations, so I guess today we’re doing the opposite of that.

The song I had stuck in my head was an old soul classic. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the soul band but I was glad to have that song in my head because it’s very energetic and happy and it got me into a higher vibration. I think music has magical powers and I often see construction workers and people at the gym blasting heavy metal because it makes them work harder. I give a thumbs up to this because I see that they’re using the magic of music, even if they don’t know it.

What steps can you take to use music for an energy boost?

  1. Find music that has lots of energy, music that you like. It doesn’t always have to be happy music, but this is what I prefer. Angry music also has its time and place.
  2. Find a way you can play the music very loudly without disturbing others. If you’re in your home and have the ability to play music as loud as you want, I hope you have a subwoofer! Sometimes headphones do the trick, too.
  3. Make sure you don’t play the songs you love too often because after a while they’ll lose their magic touch.

Those were some tips for you to maximize the energy boost you get from music. Whether you’re working on a hobby or working on the job makes no difference. Music can even give you more energy for running, painting, snowboarding, landscaping, gardening or whatever it is that you’re doing.

Music works for both mental and physical energy. Reading with powerful music works, too, but I recommend music without lyrics so you don’t get distracted. Try these methods for yourself and see how they work. You might be surprised by the results!

kamloops classical music

How a Tow Truck Driver in Kamloops Uses Music to Calm People After Car Accidents

I came across a fascinating story in a meeting I partook in. I thought this was a story worth sharing on my blog because it really speaks about the power of music.

In Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada there is a tow truck driver who is somewhat of a musical genius. He doesn’t make music himself, but understands the power of it and uses it to benefit the work he does for a tow truck Kamloops company. I’ve never met this man, but the people in the meeting I was at knew him very well and they were inspired by a certain story of his.

As we all know, a car crash can be stressful, especially after you have to deal with the police who show up and the roadside emergency service providers. The roadside assistance is where our tow truck driver comes into play on the scene. The local police in Kamloops know him well apparently because he is kind of like a fireman in the sense that if wrecked cars are blocking traffic on the road he’s available 24 hours a day to assist. Car crashes in the middle of the night are rare in Kamloops, but this guy sometimes gets nights where he has to get out of bed more than once to provide towing services.

The police and the people he services always remember him because he always shows up onto the scene with beautiful, calming classical music playing on his loudspeakers. People who are injured or panicking turn around and can’t help themselves from smiling as soon as this happens and most of them have admitted that this extra service does a lot to lower the stress levels of the people involved on the scene. One guy even said he’s glad he crashed his car because otherwise he would never have experienced the true power of music.

The people who are on the side of the road watching the scene also get to experience this power, and I wish I could be there to do so as well. This power makes me think of war drums and trumpets during battles. It’s amazing how music can rile up emotions inside of us and it just blows my mind to be able to express this. Music is the best medium for conveying emotion in a simple form for everyone to experience and I’m so grateful to have people like this Kamloops tow truck driver in the world who understand and implement this for the benefit of everyone.

So thank you to this anonymous tow truck driver. You really are doing a great thing for the people of Kamloops and I wish every tow truck driver did this! Imagine if fire departments did this, too, instead of blaring sirens. The world would rapidly become a better place!

when rap city was dope

Why 1994 was the best year for Hip Hop! <3

Do you remember when rap city was dope? If so, then you really know what “dope” means. This is because Hip Hop music, also called Rap, was birthed from a visceral counter-culture in the late 20th century. Taking off on the late 70s and growing momentum in the late 80s, rap music started becoming some of the top hits in North American popularity hit lists. Icons like 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. are just some examples of this.

By the time 1994 rolled around, popular rap music was still being conducted by actual MCs from the streets. But as hype increased and businesses started to dominate the market, big companies increasingly began to put their big budgets toward producing who ever they thought had talent, whether or not the artist was really part of the counter-culture from the streets.

After 1994 the sound of Hip Hop began to change dramatically as music-producing companies who had no idea what sounded good to the real people on the street began to pump out commercial albums for the sake of profit.

This is when you begin to see many wack rappers on MTV.

This is why we say “when rap city was dope!”