romance between tow truck driver and appliance repair mechanic

Phil’s Upcoming Book About Romance ‘Twixt a Tow Truck Driver and an Appliance Repair Mechanic: coming 2020

I’ve worked many jobs in my life, and the best of them has been in a radio station being responsible for what song was going to play next. But I also write fiction novels and I’m working on a story about how music brought love and romance between a female tow truck driver and a male appliance repair mechanic. For me it’s a touching story and all my life’s work has gone into it’s making. I’m hoping to get it published sometime next year and this blog will hopefully give me some support in the marketing.

The premise of my story: Repairing a Towed Heart

The female character, Ashley, drives her tow truck in inner British Columbia 7 days a week, trying to lift her start-up business of its heels. She works like a sumpter, dragging her weather-worn tail across the brambles of life. She has no desire but succeeding in her dream, but at the end of the day she slaps herself in the mirror because secretly–lying to herself quotidian–she hates her job. She prays something greater will enter her life to make it all worthwhile.

The male character, Charles, lives on the less burnt side of the fire log, so to speak. He loves his job, but only works part time because he’s lazy. In fact, the only thing that gets him down is that he’s too lazy to work the amount of work he desires to. He repairs appliances for an old company in Kelowna BC and loves working with his hands. One day, while driving through British Columbia, he sees Ashley depressed at the wheel, helping some sot get his caravan out of a ditch, and he decides to curb his van to lend a hand.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story because the next scene doesn’t go like you might expect it to. I’m excited. Stay tuned if you’re at all interested, because this book will be huge for the romance community; I know it!

appliance repair kelowna bc music

Music for Appliance Repair Kelowna BC

When doing appliance repair services in Kelowna BC, you want the right music playlist. This post is for a friend of mine who was asking me for a new playlist and he does fridge repair and oven repair full time so I thought he deserved some assistance.

When doing something like freezer repair services, especially in the Kelowna BC winter, I’d recommend something like a mountain folk song that brings to mind stormy breezes in the peaks of snowy hills. Then again, an appliance mechanic might want to be reminded of the summer warmth and tropical sunsets when working in commercial freezers and refrigeration services, so maybe a band like Sublime would do, too.

For Kelowna appliance repair around ovens, stoves and dryers, or in other words machines that get really hot, I’d recommend some rock music to get the soul and heart pumping. And an appliance expert knows best how to fix a stove, but when it comes to the elements we all need a bit of rock and roll now and then. Something like Judas Priest or Metallica while repairing gas ranges and domestic dish washing machines would be prime, in my opinion–a great experience.

What genre of music would you recommend for an appliance technicians? We all need advice sometimes, and you’d be surprised how good your advice might be. When it comes to music, mine is respected more than it should be sometimes, but not in this case. I believe, like in any profession, the best music is the music that the person themselves enjoys the most. No matter if you’re an appliance repair Kelowna BC professional business with skilled team members or a solo, hardworking refrigeration technician working in commercial applications, listen to your heart.

Here’s a list of five music genres to go with repairing five different appliances:

  1. Classical music for wine cooler repair services
  2. Rock and roll for a oven repair services
  3. Rap music for vending machine repair services
  4. Funk music for washing machine repair services
  5. Folk music for vacuum repair services

This has been my insight, but it has yet to see real use in the real world. I hope this inspired my good chum Larry to try something new, and also all of you lovely readers to see something different and unique. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is a wonderful place and the appliance repair companies there deserve credit for their work and deserve a good music playlist, too.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more!


alien music

What Kind of Music Would Aliens from Outer Space Listen to?

Now any answer to this question without scientific proof is of course subjective and should be taken with cartloads of salt but with that said it’s still an entertaining question worth a speculative answer.

The most common form of outer space alien is the Grey, however pop’ culture usually doesn’t depict them listening to music. There are classical music pieces based around the planets such asĀ Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” which has motivated a genre of music known as “space music” that sounds like the kind of trippy classical music hippies might listen to if they could. This, however, is still music made by humans and aliens might not like it.

There’s a small chance that aliens already have picked up our radio signals from the early 20th century and are listening to Elvis as we speak. This is a real possibility, but that doesn’t mean aliens would even be able to recognize that noise as music. For all we know alien music isn’t even made up of noise. Perhaps it’s made up of temperature, vibration or other senses. We might not recognize alien music if we heard it. But if aliens are the supposed Greys and we play along with the theory that they’re just humans another step down the evolutionary cycle then we must suppose they have ears and a knowledge/history of their older selves who used to listen to music. In this case, it’s most likely that their music is just an evolved form of our present music, but it still might include factors from the other senses like enhanced vibrations and certain tones we’re unable to hear with our less-evolved ears.

If I were to make a guess and assume that aliens have music made up of noise, then I’d expect it would still revolve around a rhythm of some sort and although it might not sound pleasant to us we’d still be able to recognize it as music. In the movie Children of Men, based in the near future, there is a scene where people are listening to strange science-fiction music unlike anything we enjoy, and this might be close to what Greys listen to in my opinion.

Well, that was some cool exploration into opinion and possibility. What do you think alien music sounds like? Check out my homepage for more cool posts.

the power of music

Using Music to Energize the Mind and Work Harder

Sometime soon I want to do a post about how to get music unstuck from your head. I was playing this song in my head over and over again just a minute ago when I decided to write this post about how to use music for energy. Earlier in January I wrote about how to use music to calm people down from stressful situations, so I guess today we’re doing the opposite of that.

The song I had stuck in my head was an old soul classic. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the soul band but I was glad to have that song in my head because it’s very energetic and happy and it got me into a higher vibration. I think music has magical powers and I often see construction workers and people at the gym blasting heavy metal because it makes them work harder. I give a thumbs up to this because I see that they’re using the magic of music, even if they don’t know it.

What steps can you take to use music for an energy boost?

  1. Find music that has lots of energy, music that you like. It doesn’t always have to be happy music, but this is what I prefer. Angry music also has its time and place.
  2. Find a way you can play the music very loudly without disturbing others. If you’re in your home and have the ability to play music as loud as you want, I hope you have a subwoofer! Sometimes headphones do the trick, too.
  3. Make sure you don’t play the songs you love too often because after a while they’ll lose their magic touch.

Those were some tips for you to maximize the energy boost you get from music. Whether you’re working on a hobby or working on the job makes no difference. Music can even give you more energy for running, painting, snowboarding, landscaping, gardening or whatever it is that you’re doing.

Music works for both mental and physical energy. Reading with powerful music works, too, but I recommend music without lyrics so you don’t get distracted. Try these methods for yourself and see how they work. You might be surprised by the results!

kamloops classical music

How a Tow Truck Driver in Kamloops Uses Music to Calm People After Car Accidents

I came across a fascinating story in a meeting I partook in. I thought this was a story worth sharing on my blog because it really speaks about the power of music.

In Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada there is a tow truck driver who is somewhat of a musical genius. He doesn’t make music himself, but understands the power of it and uses it to benefit the work he does for a tow truck Kamloops company. I’ve never met this man, but the people in the meeting I was at knew him very well and they were inspired by a certain story of his.

As we all know, a car crash can be stressful, especially after you have to deal with the police who show up and the roadside emergency service providers. The roadside assistance is where our tow truck driver comes into play on the scene. The local police in Kamloops know him well apparently because he is kind of like a fireman in the sense that if wrecked cars are blocking traffic on the road he’s available 24 hours a day to assist. Car crashes in the middle of the night are rare in Kamloops, but this guy sometimes gets nights where he has to get out of bed more than once to provide towing services.

The police and the people he services always remember him because he always shows up onto the scene with beautiful, calming classical music playing on his loudspeakers. People who are injured or panicking turn around and can’t help themselves from smiling as soon as this happens and most of them have admitted that this extra service does a lot to lower the stress levels of the people involved on the scene. One guy even said he’s glad he crashed his car because otherwise he would never have experienced the true power of music.

The people who are on the side of the road watching the scene also get to experience this power, and I wish I could be there to do so as well. This power makes me think of war drums and trumpets during battles. It’s amazing how music can rile up emotions inside of us and it just blows my mind to be able to express this. Music is the best medium for conveying emotion in a simple form for everyone to experience and I’m so grateful to have people like this Kamloops tow truck driver in the world who understand and implement this for the benefit of everyone.

So thank you to this anonymous tow truck driver. You really are doing a great thing for the people of Kamloops and I wish every tow truck driver did this! Imagine if fire departments did this, too, instead of blaring sirens. The world would rapidly become a better place!

when rap city was dope

Why 1994 was the best year for Hip Hop! <3

Do you remember when rap city was dope? If so, then you really know what “dope” means. This is because Hip Hop music, also called Rap, was birthed from a visceral counter-culture in the late 20th century. Taking off on the late 70s and growing momentum in the late 80s, rap music started becoming some of the top hits in North American popularity hit lists. Icons like 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. are just some examples of this.

By the time 1994 rolled around, popular rap music was still being conducted by actual MCs from the streets. But as hype increased and businesses started to dominate the market, big companies increasingly began to put their big budgets toward producing who ever they thought had talent, whether or not the artist was really part of the counter-culture from the streets.

After 1994 the sound of Hip Hop began to change dramatically as music-producing companies who had no idea what sounded good to the real people on the street began to pump out commercial albums for the sake of profit.

This is when you begin to see many wack rappers on MTV.

This is why we say “when rap city was dope!”

The Best Metal / Rock Album of ALL TIME!

I’m a fairly shy, mincing human being and don’t associate with loud, angry people often. But don’t get me wrong; when alone, candles blazing, as my shadow leaps across my bedroom walls, I stare into the dark haze of reality and blast the best metal and/or rock album of all time. It gets the guns of my heart cocked, the sword of my life stroked. Without it I am incomplete. My blood leaks, listening to lyrics I would not speak to a close-minded person.

Do you know that feeling when you listen to a song and get reminded of the glory of God because without destiny the song couldn’t exist?

Without something more intelligent than us looming in the foreground, everything we experience would be pointless. And while art such as this exists, we cannot possibly believe that everything is pointless!

Turn up the base, shoot some whisky and relax as you listen to geniuses in rock music that have been praised since the late 20th century. All shall remember Judas Priest. Forsooth, astronauts floating around in space will be listening to this thousands of years from now, but astronaut will be an archaic word.

Thousands of artists such as painters, sculptors and writers owe their efforts to tasty beverages and of course their loved counterpart, musicians! Without music, would paintings even exist? Without ways to sit in a room alone and relax wholeheartedly, would much of the music we love today reach our ears?

Hear the echoes of Judas Priest shuttlecock across your cranium as you summon yourself to the chair and LISTEN!

Answer: Sad Wings of Destiny by Judas Priest , 1976

Set Your Alarm Clock to Classical Music!

If you’ve been meaning to make the habit of waking up earlier, one thing that can help is waking up to classical music. Why? Classical music reminds us of the beauty of life, which in turn reminds us of our goals and our purpose on earth. When you wake up to classical music, it feels like a monk in a medieval monastery waking for midnight prayer. All is serene and pleasant as you sit up and think of how blessed you are to have this day at your disposal.

There are multiple ways you can set your alarm clock to classical music. My method is using a clock radio set to a classical station. But I’m sure you can find an app for your phone to do the same. I think it would be best if the classical song you heard was different every morning, because after a while of hearing the same song every morning the magic of it can be lost. I love the radio station I use because they never play the same song, and they don’t play famous classical music I’ve already heard a hundred times. They play rare, new and less popular classical music which registers as divine when heard for the first time in waking moments of ecstasy.

Don’t get me wrong, though. When I wake up at 5 AM after only sleeping for 5 hours, I am very, very tired, but the classical music helps me push past the pain as I re-realize my potential and how much I can conquer in a day if I get out of bed now.

Try this in your home, and your life will be blessed with new motivation and power. Enjoy!

Come back soon!